Barbara Nussbaum, together with Janet du Preez, will be presenting a Creative Resilience workshop on 25 July 2018.

Are you…

  • …
eager to explore creative ways of building leadership resilience?

…interested in how business challenges can be tackled from a whole-person perspective?
… looking for greater meaning, wisdom and hope in the workplace?

The creative resilience workshop will use music, story and dialogue to:

  • help delegates to access their creativity and resilience to release their personal resources;
  • harness innate creativity and personal strength to celebrate themselves;
  • make meaning of their direction and shift their future.

You will learn to:

  • articulate your magnificence and potential for greatness.;
  • name your desired future
  • make sense of your personal and work challenges
  • birth a new vision for work and life
  • author a new life story
  • access and unlock untapped personal resources
  • expand resilience and creative thinking and problem-solving
  • set personal intentions, grounded in authenticity
  • take a leadership stand aligned with who you want to be
  • create strategies and techniques for moving beyond your current limits and expectations



Participants will learn how to use music, dialogue, narrative and reflection as lenses for self-awareness and embodying intentions. Emphasis will be placed on listening to the deepest layers of self, finding authentic voice and direction and learning methodologies for clarifying intention, thinking creatively about challenges and building personal resilience


The methodologies used powerfully access what is authentic within each person. They also form an inspirational bridge to embody intention and sustain vision and action. We offer a way to play and make meaning, to embrace inner diversity, to hold paradox and discover wholeness. 

There will be preparatory exercises prior to the workshop and tools for application and use after the workshop. These are designed to enable delegates to celebrate the leaders they are, and to sustain what they learn about their own creative resilience during the workshop.

About the facilitators:

Barbara Nussbaum is a published author who specialises in building relationships through reflection and deep engagement, writing and developmental editing. She is the pioneer of Finding Us in Music and loves to use music to build relationships in teams and communities.

Janet du Preez is a leadership and organisational effectiveness expert who specialises in equipping leaders to thrive personally and to build thriving 21st century organisations. She loves to support the development of great people, great ideas and great systems. Find her at Engagement Dynamics.


Date and time:
TBC, September 2018
305 Long St, Ferndale

Please write to [email protected] to secure your booking.

About Barbara

Barbara uses the power of music to help teams and individuals discover themselves and each other.

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