1. Finding Us In Music™

Barbara helps groups build a collaborative spirit and cultivate trust through her proven music-centric methodology.


In progressive organisations there is a desire to create flourishing practices and to amplify the shift from “me” to “we”. Three key elements activate this shift:

  1. positive appreciative presence;
  2. a generous approach to others, building on principles of Ubuntu; and
  3. the positioning and inclusion of music to amplify the appreciative ear, expand the potential to open hearts and liberate more of the whole person to feel, see and discern the deeper layers of self and other.

All three elements together open new doors to creativity and result in high quality of engagement.

These workshops are effective for all types of teams and settings, and all levels. Board level, ExCo, senior management, middle management and junior management. It works well with different levels of team roles, ranks and responsibilities.

Why does this work?

Music reflects a person’s soul. Through music, team members see, accept, and enjoy what is important and unique about the diversity within their team. Through music, we awaken deeper levels of our listening and our humanity.


A 3-hour session for 8 people in which each participant contributes personally meaningful music to amplify their personal narrative. In the session’s facilitated music-sharing, participants

  • change the way they listen to music,
  • deepen the way they listen to fellow team members,
  • use music to shift and elevate group dialogue,
  • quickly build resonance in a team or group,
  • create the bonding that can support collaborative work,
  • acknowledge and celebrate what is valuable and enriching about diversity.

2. Individual coaching

Barbara helps you discover your leadership genius through music.


In Barbara’s “Becoming an African Lion/ess” program you will learn to celebrate and apply your own gifts for leadership. Use your music preferences to tap into your most inspired self and discover the combination of strengths unique to you. Even accomplished leaders with high levels of achievement and rank in an organization, can find value in a process which celebrates each person’s genius.

Why does this work?

Music provides a fresh new language through which you can reflect and explore your deepest feelings. Music creates a wholeness of understanding and a self-accepting view of oneself. Your musical choices mirror your own unique gifts, helping you to see, accept and appreciate what is important about your purpose and vision. Music is a tool that gives you access to all aspects of who you are, reflecting what is true and powerful within you.


A 2-hour session that uses the music you resonate with to help you recognize and articulate your unique strengths and leadership style. You will learn how to

  • identify your leadership qualities, as seen through music,
  • understand your deep inner strength and core purpose,
  • create your personal play list and your own inspiring CD to embody your best self.

The CD, with narrative, is a reminder and a tool that helps you remember and access your best and most inspired self.

This session includes one to three individual coaching sessions, in which clients learn to listen to music and themselves differently – with more self- awareness, compassion and creativity.

3. Presentations to larger groups

Barbara presents an in-depth lecture, demonstration, and exercise on how to listen to music differently. This is offered in small group or large-scale lecture settings. Barbara’s session helps audience members develop reflective capacity and deepen their understanding of how to use music as a resource to identify leadership qualities. They quickly learn a listening skill they can use throughout their life and career to make the choices most aligned with their core purpose.

4. Partnerships

Barbara works with selected individuals and organisations as a thinking partner, coaching and mentoring them. This either focuses on helping them identify and own their leadership qualities or enable them to tackle a writing project with self-mastery, be this a book or an article.