Around the year 2003, visionaries like Barbara Marx Hubbard, Verna Allee and Dr Jacob Needleman  expressed the idea that we have moved to a time in which we will use collective containers not only for healing but for  co-creation and collaboration. In his book, The American Soul Needleman suggested that the art form of the future is the group and that the kind of intelligence and benevolence we require can only come from the group. We must then regard the art of convening groups as an artistry we must cultivate to bring about the full potential of the future. It is in the group, in the spaces between ourselves that we will find the vibrancy a connection between the I and the We.

This reflection comes from Barbara’s new chapter, Finding Us in Music: A Method for Deeper Group Engagement in Handbook on Individual and Organizational Transformation, edited by Judi Neale (Springer, 2018).

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Barbara uses the power of music to help teams and individuals discover themselves and each other.

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