Organisations will need to build stronger adhesives for strengthening mutual understanding within teams and departments in order to deal with increasingly complex challenges and social fragmentation.

The co-creative ethos of Finding US in Music offers an important animating process for  group engagement to build human connection and inspire innovation .

In the new soils of the rocky 21st century terrain, whether you are in South Africa or South Carolina, universities and organisations will need to increase the investment in social technologies that promote individual and collective organisational health.  Opportunities for individual and group engagement offer the potential for transformation, one person at a time, one group at a time.

This reflection comes from Barbara’s new chapter, Finding Us in Music: A Method for Deeper Group Engagement in Handbook on Individual and Organizational Transformation, edited by Judi Neale (Springer, 2018).

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Barbara uses the power of music to help teams and individuals discover themselves and each other.

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