Music deepens the nature of group engagement by  amplifying and simplifying individual and collective access to shared communication. Music guides us to feel the nuances of emotions, and spiritual experiences within the unique story of another human being. Music helps us to feel the inner world of the other – I hear the you in the music. We make sense of the you in the music. Eventually we make sense of us and what the invisible bridges there are between us.

The conscious use of music also shares our multi-dimensional wholeness. It takes us out of the box, beyond linear thinking and expands  simple identity stereo types into the fullness of each person.  Sharing the meaning we feel and hear in music is an effective integrative practice because each person can access their interior landscape on a visceral, conscious, spiritual and emotional, level. We can claim all of who we are- past, present, future, and understand our belonging to a variety of heritages and experiences. Music helps us paint the picture of our lives more clearly – we hear ourselves more clearly and we listen to others with greater depth.

This reflection comes from Barbara’s new chapter, Finding Us in Music: A Method for Deeper Group Engagement in Handbook on Individual and Organizational Transformation, edited by Judi Neale (Springer, 2018).

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Barbara uses the power of music to help teams and individuals discover themselves and each other.

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